Advanced Pain & Spine Moves to New Location

On Friday, Advanced Pain & Spine moved to their new office. They are now located across South Avenue in the new Northern Rockies Orthopaedics building on the 2nd floor. In addition to patient rooms, offices, reception and staff break room, the new office will now include two procedure rooms. An open house will held in the spring for staff, patients and the general public.

Advanced Pain & Spine Institute (APSI) is part of Community Physician Group. They specialize in caring for patients with persistent back pain to determine why they have back pain and whether using non-surgical treatments and minimally-invasive procedures will help or if surgery is the appropriate option.  They also treat patients who live with chronic pain.  APSI provides the following specialists who diagnose and treat patients:

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician (Physiatrits)
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Clinical Psychologist

Learn more online or call 541-PAIN (7246)

Here are some photos of their new office.