Biomedical Physical Inventory Announcement

We will be doing a complete inventory of our Biomed equipment here at Community Medical Center starting on 07 October 2019, which should take approximately 10 days to complete.  During this time, you will see personnel from GE Healthcare (GEHC) and OB Healthcare in your departments, performing inventory activities.

Community Medical Center is excited about partnering with GEHC/OB Healthcare in our efforts to complete a full and accurate Biomed inventory, and we ask that you offer your help to the inventory team as they progress through your work area.

Inventory system identification stickers will be applied to equipment, and inventory personnel will collect other data, such as serial numbers, locations, installation date, make/model, system configuration, warranty end dates, PM dates and cyber data.

The inventory will focus on Biomedical equipment, and area’s that house these assets.

The inventory team will check in with each department as they enter the area, and they may ask you to verify inventory changes for accuracy.  Since it is very important that all equipment be documented, they may need your help in identifying equipment that is stored in locations that are not obvious.


Matthew Sykes
P: 360 348 7017