CMC Honored on Donor Wall

Mountain Home Montana recently finished a mural in their lobby, which includes leaves honoring our major donors over the years including, Community Medical Center.
CMC has supported Mountain Home since they opened in 1999 with 19 gifts totaling over $30,000. This generosity has made a big difference for the over 1,200 young moms and children we have served — setting them up for much brighter futures. We hope together we can continue to change lives, two generations at a time.
CMC Gift Match Program
If you’re interested in supporting Mountain Home Montana with a donation, CMC will match your donation (or any donation to a non-profit organization). Minimum donation $25. CMC will match up to $250 per employee, per year. In order for the non-profit to receive the matching funds, you must submit fill out the online gift match form on
About Mountain Home Montana
Mountain Home provides shelter for young mothers who need a place to live, and a network of support as they create safe, stable, and nurturing homes of their own.