“I would like to nominate Caren Reaves for the Daisy Award. She is very deserving; she routinely mentors all nurses including young leaders. Caren has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Over the years she has taken care of my family members. She is kind, spends time with patients always making them feel cared for and heard. Her calm, even during a crisis, helps others focus and reassures patients and families.

She is the person on Med-Surg that I would call for when help in needed with an expert eye to determine what is going on.

Caren volunteers for projects to improve the organization. She not only will say she can do it, but always follows through.

Caren’s dedication to our patients over the last 30+ years is worthy of recognition. Please thank her for all she does not only for staff but for everyone she has taken care of

I am very proud to be working with you as you show to Missoula the compassionate professionalism that makes CMC great.” – anonymous

“Caren, is full of knowledge and is always available to answer questions. She has taught me a lots of critical thinking in different situations. I love working with her for she is such great nurse who taking good care of her patient and is a great leader you want to learn from. Med/surg is always challenged by the patient rotation and how she does it is an art. She is amazing …..” – Huei-Ling Tsao

“Caren has been such an amazing mentor to me over the last several years. There are so many things that I admire about Caren, I can’t list them all (it would take forever) but here are a few: she is an amazing critical thinker, patient advocate, a very hard worker, she is never sitting at the nurses station; she spends every second with her patients, and most importantly she gives her patients so much love-wiping away tears, holding hands and holding family member during  difficult times. Caren is truly a gem at CMC and I am so lucky to work with her.” – Steph

“Since the day I started, Caren has been a positive source for information. She continually exceeds expectations of helping others, regardless of if she is charge or not. She will stop what she is doing to help both her patients and other co-workers by validating RN concerns, speaking with
patients in difficult situations and communicating with doctors as a patient advocate. Her positivity and belief in others is the reason I feel that I have grown as a RN. She as an individual makes Med/Surg a fun and supportive place to work. I am so thankful for her as a co-worker, charge and a as a friend. I cant think of a better person for the Daisy award, Caren rocks!!!@” – Darcy

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