Lift Holiday Open House & Employee Specials

Meet our new providers and learn about the latest non-invasive, no-downtime procedures.

You’re invited to join us for an evening of hors d’oeurves and holiday cheer while learning about the latest treatments and products to help you shine in time for the holidays.

Wednesday, December 11
5 – 7 pm
Building 3, Suite 102
Open to staff and the general public

Employee Holiday Specials
Now – December 31

Dermal Fillers – $150 off*
Dermal fillers, sometimes called soft tissue fillers, are substances designed to be injected beneath the surface of the skin to add volume and fullness. Fine lines and wrinkles caused by sagging or loss of plumpness in the face are known as static wrinkles. Static wrinkles include those around the mouth and along the cheeks. These wrinkles are usually a result of a loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin.

  • Juvederm Ultra (lips & facial wrinkles) – Is the first and only filler FDA approved to increase lip fullness and correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds for up to 1 year.
  • Juvederm Voluma (cheek area)- Is the first and only FDA-approved filler to correct age-related volume loss in the midface (cheeks) for up to 2 years. 

BOTOX – $9.00 per unit
Botox only works on wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement. These are known as dynamic wrinkles, and are often called “expression lines.”

The most common dynamic wrinkles that Botox can treat are lines on the upper face, such as the “11” between the brows, horizontal lines on the forehead, and crow’s feet around the eyes. These lines are caused by smiling, frowning, squinting, and other facial expressions.

Botox is not a permanent treatment. Repeated treatments are necessary for continued wrinkle-reducing effects. Most people find that the muscle-relaxing effect of Botox lasts for 3 to 4 months.

*While supplies last. Offers expire 12/31/2019.