March is Social Work Month

March is Social Work Month, and CMC would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the many social work professionals who work in our organization:

Cassie Anderson, BSW, CPG Practice Manager
Dana Beardslee, MSW, CPG Family Med & OB
Polly Becker, LCSW, CPG Pediatric Specialty Clinic
Anna Bergerson, MSW Student, CPG OB/GYN
Melinda Cline, LCSW, CPG Maternal Fetal Medicine
Liz Davies, LCSW, CPG Behavioral Health Manager
Yolanda Mah, MSW, Inpatient
Lindsey Maney, BSW, CPG Family Med & OB
Linda Mayshack, LMSW, Inpatient
Heidi Morris, LCSW, CPG Missoula Valley Pediatrics
Janie Quilici, MSW, CPG Maternal Fetal Medicine
Deb Rivey, LCSW, Community Cancer Care & Prevention
Monica Trimble, LCSW, CPG Stevensville

CMC social workers provide vital services in inpatient and outpatient settings, serving as advocates for patients and their families and helping them to understand and navigate an increasingly complex healthcare system. They provide individual and family psychotherapy, care coordination, referrals to specialty services & community resources, psychoeducation, advance care planning and crisis intervention.