Thank You to CMC’s IT Service Desk Support Team

As many of you are aware this group recently upgraded the PCs/laptops at CMC to Windows 10.  This was no small project!

Did you know that this team supports the following:

  • Well over 1,000 users
  • 1,100+ PCs and Laptops
  • 200+ printers and label printers
  • 100+ applications
  • 100+ Desktop scanners
  • 200+ handheld scanners
  • Almost 100 mobile devices (iPads, iPhones)

While supporting all the above, the team personally touched, reimaged, and deployed over 1,030 PC/laptops from October 2018 to June 2019! The effort of this team to investigate getting 100+ applications to reinstall in the new Windows version was substantial. We worked with vendors, staff and researching online to ensure that we could make sure all applications facility wide were moved into the new environment and verified working properly. During this long project all incoming issues and requests were appropriately handled, we opened new facilities, moved existing practices and offices, handled all account requests in the committed time frame and anything else that came up including many RCCH and LP directives.

CMC was the only IT Team within RCCH to take this project on themselves and not engage a third party to assist. Because of this team’s tenacity we were able to re-appropriate the funds to purchase 229 new desktop PCs and 59 new laptops for CMC! This effort allowed us to improve our end user devices substantially and will set CMC up for future device success.

When you see one of these outstanding individuals – please be sure to say Thank You!!

Bev Brooks
Rob Froese
Josh Lachina
Randy Nixon