There are now three ways for any employee (clinical or non-clinical) to submit an incident report. Patients or non-CMC staff can use the new phone number below to report.

  1. Intranet: Midas (current method) – Visit the intranet > Occurrence Report. Enter the report in Midas. This is the preferred way to report if you have the time to enter all details.
  2. Intranet: Quick Entry *NEW* – To streamline the process when time is limited, visit the intranet > Occurrence Report > Quick Entry-Occurrence Report.  This is a short web form that will just require you to enter the details of the incident.  Once you submit, it will be emailed to the QRM office.
  3. Call: Occurrence Report Hotline *NEW* – For those times when you remember once you’ve left work or don’t have access to a computer. You can call the hotline at 327-5151. This is a voicemail box.  You will be prompted to leave a message with details about the incident.  This box will be monitored by the QRM office.