Pam Nation, MS, PT

Pamela Nation, MS, PT, received a Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Certificate from Physiological Oncological Rehabilitation Institute (PORi) in June 2019. This course integrates evidence based practice including Research Evidence, Clinical Expertise and Resources, Clinical Values and Preferences and the Clinical State and Circumstances for each individual patient diagnosed with breast cancer. Pam gratefully shares these evidenced based skills with her patients with breast cancer to improve their surgical/oncological outcomes. Excellent feedback on the benefits of treatment from her patients is the perfect result. Patient education based on clinical research studies is provided on best practice for exercise prescription and activities acknowledge short and long term side effects produced by oncological treatments to body systems for best long term outcomes.  PORi incorporates the American Physical Therapy Association EDGE Task Force based on the International Classification of Function. Other PORi resources are AOTA, NIH, Coc, ASCO, ASHE, NCCN, etc.