Safety Champion: Alexandra Reilly

Alexandra Reilly
Ultrasound Tech

Alex was scanning an outpatient and the patient complained of left arm weakness, dizziness and fluctuating blood pressure after being prescribed a new blood pressure medication. Patient had not shared this with her primary provider. Alex used the safety tools to raise a concern as she didn’t feel comfortable letting the patient return home without getting her checked out. The Radiology RN took a blood pressure and contacted Ask a Nurse, who reviewed the patient’s record and determined she was ok to be sent home. Ask a Nurse entered a note to the patient’s provider to make the provider aware of her concerns.

What safety behaviors did the employee display?

  • Speak up for Safety (5:1 Feedback, ARCC)

If you would like to nominate someone as a safety champion, the nomination form can be found on the intranet (Intranet>Occurrence Reports>Safety Champion Nominations).