Safety Champion: Jillian DeBorde

Jillian DeBorde
Nuclear Medicine / Radiologic Technologist

During mock survey of DI, Jillian practiced with a questioning attitude and noted that some of the instruments sterilized in PeelPaks didnot look like the process was done correctly. It looked liked the instruments were not taken apart to be sterilized. She raised the concern with the mock surveyor and the instruments were returned to CS. CS did confirm that the instruments were processed correctly. Jillian did a great job by raising her concerns.

What safety behaviors did the employee display?

  • Pay attention to detail (STAR, peer check)
  • Practice with a questioning attitude (Validate and verify)
  • Speak up for Safety (5:1 Feedback, ARCC)

If you would like to nominate someone as a safety champion, the nomination form can be found on the intranet (Intranet>Occurrence Reports>Safety Champion Nominations).