Star Award: October

Janice Tate is the Star Award recipient for October 2019.

Janice consistently goes above and beyond for her patients. She has been known to come in on her days off or weekends to ensure that the patients and their families are receiving the education, supplies, or services they need. She often forms strong relationships that lead to friendships outside of the hospital. Janice never hesitates to voice her concerns regarding insulin orders or oral agents that the patients are receiving. The hospitalists know that when a patient and their family are in need of diabetes education, Janice will take all the time needed to teach about the diabetes process, monitoring blood sugars, and insulin administration. Thank you Janice for your dedication to your patients and your team her at CMC!

About the Star Award
“Star Awards” are given to colleagues who we feel go above and beyond with compassionate and competent patient care.  These awardees are chosen monthly by adult hospitalist nominations.